Plus Insert Blocks Class Resource Page

RESOURCE PAGE FOR PLUS INSERT BLOCKS CLASS Congratulations on making your first PLUS INSERT BLOCK! You can use these as the starting point to make baby, throw and bed quilts, and arrange in infinite ways!

From the class: Plus Insert Block Handout

Below are some of my own Plus Insert Block Quilts:


Proton detail 2
Proton detail

Zen Chic pattern

Billy Wedding Quilt front
Billy Plus Quilt WIP

Plus Block/Improv Mosaic 1.2.3 Layout

The following are improvisationally pieced blocks that use the inserted piece “plus” technique in some blocks to make patterns:

Silk Mosaic


Blue Wave Test piece

This is not my work, but a piece from the wonderful Maria Shell. What great example of a “Plus Insert”!

Maria Shell: Liminal Lines


Share your Plus Insert Blocks with me at or post on Instagram at tag me at @quiltinginthefog. I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Lorraine