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Blue Wave…

…but hoping for a Blue Tsunami.

Blue Wave

So often in these past 4-5 years something has happened in our country or in the world that makes me want to create things as a response to feelings of outrage. I’ve scrapped so many ideas that focused on negative quotes and statements in the news – the thought of intensely stewing in bile for the 20-40 hours it takes to make a quilt is simply toxic.

With this in mind, I focused on imagining what I wanted to happen. Inspired by a giant “blue wave” sign made from thousands of blue Post-It notes at the March for Women, I set out to create my own blue wave.

The background is various blue/violet Kona cotton fabrics and was pieced using a variation of the “Disappearing Nine-Patch” design. I cut it up further and pieced it back together to create a more jumbled background. It finished as a wall hanging at 36″ x 36″.

I knew I wanted to make the waves by quilting, but was worried the busy-ness of the background would make the quilting get lost. My first attempt at this was to create and sew three bias tape waves that I’d fill in with big-stitch hand-quilting using various white and blue colors of pearl cotton. Once I did this, however, I thought it looked cartoony and silly.

Blue Wave Reject

I was disappointed as it really didn’t have the feel I was going for. So – there’s always the seam ripper! I sewed around the bias tape, pulled it out and added a lot more quilting and, while still subtle, am very happy with the end result.

This quilt invites you to take a closer look. From farther away, you see the patch of blue, and a few shadows swirling across it. Closer up, the eye wanders around and through the stitching like a labyrinth.

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First quilt of 2016!

Well, ALMOST the first. Still have to bind and wash, but I just finished this very dense quilting.  I needed to start the year with a project that I really wanted to look at – both as a project to work on and something I wanted to keep (for me!) in our home.


I’ve had this collection of beautiful Oakshott pieces for over two years and felt they were too precious to cut into.  It was time to use them so I dove into a Disappearing Nine-Patch block layout and I love how it came out! What you can’t see here is the lovely two-toned colors of each fabric.  When I bought them I just got lots of different colors with no thoughts of how they’d go together.  I had a larger piece – the more neutral taupe color, that I used for the “base” color.  I can’t wait to finish binding it a to wash it and see how the quilting looks after crinkling up!IMG_8089

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