Well, ALMOST the first. Still have to bind and wash, but I just finished this very dense quilting.  I needed to start the year with a project that I really wanted to look at – both as a project to work on and something I wanted to keep (for me!) in our home.


I’ve had this collection of beautiful Oakshott pieces for over two years and felt they were too precious to cut into.  It was time to use them so I dove into a Disappearing Nine-Patch block layout and I love how it came out! What you can’t see here is the lovely two-toned colors of each fabric.  When I bought them I just got lots of different colors with no thoughts of how they’d go together.  I had a larger piece – the more neutral taupe color, that I used for the “base” color.  I can’t wait to finish binding it a to wash it and see how the quilting looks after crinkling up!IMG_8089