I will be teaching a two-part Improv Quilting for Beginner series at City College of San Francisco Extension this Fall 2023 on Thursdays. The series will be held at the John Adams CCSF Campus 1860 Hayes at Masonic Ave. The series is designed for newbies – even those new to sewing or using a machine – but has much to offer the quilter who wants to break free from limiting patterns to create their own unique quilts.

Fruit & Veggie Bar Quilt
Billy Plus Quilt WIP
Forest Improv Triangles
Proton Front copy
  • Part 1:  “Getting to the Top” – Sept 14, 2023 – Oct 12, 2023
    • Are you a novice who always wanted to learn how to make quilt patchwork? Or have you quilted before using a patter and would like to know how to use more freeform improvisational piecing ideas to make quilts?
    • Learn the basics of quilt with creative freedom and without the restrictive rules that can overwhelm new (and even experienced!) quilters! In five sessions, students will learn 8+ improvisational-method quilt blocks and techniques which allow learners to springboard into their own unique arrangements and creations. Students will complete a pieced quilt top.
    • Five 3-hour in-person session for $225
    • Goal: Complete your own, one-of-a-kind quilt top
    • Click here to sign up.
  • Part 2: ” Finish Line” – Oct 18, 2023 – Nov 9, 2023 
    • Did you make, inherit or purchase a quilt top and you don’t know what to do next? Do you salivate at the idea of a “quilt sandwich” but have no idea what that is? Does “binding” sound like a kinky thing to do with fabric? This class is your answer!   
    • Students will learn how to take a completed fabric quilt top, and make it into a completed, finished quilt. Students will learn how to prepare a smooth  “quilt sandwich” with a top, batting and fabric backing. They will learn how to bast their quilt sandwich and prepare for quilting by machine and/or by hand.  Finally, students will learn how to square their finished quilted and and how to finish using a choice of binding techniques.
    • Four 3-hour in-person sessions for $180.
    • Goal: Complete a finished quilt top by quilting, basting, binding, and labeling.
    • Click here to sign up
  • Students must provide their own working sewing machine.
  • For Part 1/Getting to the Top”:
    • Approximately 2-3 yards of various (can be in pieces) fabrics (woven, not knit, fabric.)
    • Students are encouraged to use repurposed materials from SCRAP-SF (provided for a $25 fee), clothing, sheets, etc.
    • Thread for machine
    • Scissors
    • 45″ Rotary cutter
    • 3″x18″ acrylic ruler
    • Portable cutting matt
    • Sewing pins
  • For Part 2/”Finish Line”:
    • Batting and fabric large enough (pieced or whole) to cover the quilt top + 4″ on all sides
    • Store bought binding or enough fabric (approx 3/4 yard) to make your own.
    • Safety pins
    • Thread for machine
    • Scissors
    • 45″ Rotary cutter
    • 3″x18″ acrylic ruler
    • Portable cutting mat

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at lorraine@quiltinginthefog.com