Like a lot of folks, I seem to be focusing more on using Instagram to document my work these days (follow me on Instagram @quiltinginthefog).  It’s so EASY to post photos, tag, etc.

2017 was an eventful year:  My oldest is midway through college.  My youngest child graduated from high school and started college. My husband and I now face our first months as empty nesters.  I am grateful for our health and good fortune and for our family and friends near and and far. My quilting hours are usually spent listening to a political podcast or an audiobook – most recently 36 hours with Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

For those of us in very “blue” San Francisco and California, each morning we awoke to anxiety over the national news.  I must admit, it’s exhausting but I am obsessed with the news.  Always an active voter and one that pays attention to the issues, I’m invigorated and hopeful seeing the increased progressive activism bubbling up around the country. I plan to use personal and vacation time this year to work towards the successful election of candidates and issues that matter to me – especially beyond my backyard. I’m donating to candidates in other states (including a college friend running in Texas!) and to help target Congress members in California that I believe are hiring Californians and Americans.

2017 was quite productive as far as quilting and sewing goes!  I finished quite a few quilts,  pillows and other sewing projects, mostly leather zipper pouches.  More than I realized, now that I look at some of them!

Happy 2018!