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I made this colorful center medallion ages ago while playing with very small leftover scraps from two other quilts I had gifted to others. I liked it so much but kept putting off making anything with it as it felt too precious and I was waiting for just the right idea. I decided to just DO SOMETHING and, while exercising during a dance class* it came to me to plunge into the deep turquoise and then created this. I submitted it to QuiltCon 2018 (alas, it was a #QuiltConReject!) but I love it anyway!

*my best ideas come during my YMCA Zumba Class!


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Quilt Melt

Woot! I’m very excited to have won 1st Place for Visual Impact for “Quilt Melt” in the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) 2017!



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College Kid Quilts

This fall, I have both kids away at college – my daughter, a freshman in her first dorm at UCLA, and my son, in his first house as a junior at University of Puget Sound. Both will have new quilts for their rooms!


Adrienne's College Quilt

Adrienne’s College Quilt


Julian's College Quilt

Julian’s College Quilt

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Be Positive (Proton)

Started in June, this was my first entirely hand quilted quilt. Made from scraps leftover from our new queen-sized bed quilt, I had fun whipping it together, but it took months to quilt (and a lot of binge watching TV!) I love the look, but think next time if I’m going to do all that work I should use thread that makes sure you can see it! I originally called it “Be Positive” but renamed it “Proton” in honor of my son who is a physics major in college.

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Still working on this one – I’m hand quilting it (my first attempt at hand vs machine quilting.) I used scrap slivers from another project. When it came together it reminded me of the NASA photos of space, hence the name.


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Wedding Quilt!

Top is done! So excited to finish this for a special young couple who recently tied the knot. Would you believe – I had all this fabric on hand in my stash? Love that black and white!

Wedding Quilt for a special arty young couple

Wedding Quilt for a special arty young couple


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Green Scrappy Quilts



This is from my wall of green scrappy “made fabric” from a few months ago. This was the ongoing -and apparently unending- task of trying to use up all my scraps for a useful purpose. I got pretty far on using a large portion of green tiny bits and came up with the idea to make a traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern as a companion piece to the star below, which I made last year. I like the contrast of the orderly traditional block pattern with the chaos of the green scrappy made-fabric. Both are around 36-42″ square.



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As a young college grad, I traveled around Europe with two girlfriends and we made the trek to West Berlin.  The Cold War was still in in full throttle and the Berlin Wall divided the city. I remember our Berlin visit vividly: climbing the perches alongside the Wall and viewing the coiled barbed wire and no-mans-land; seeing an East German officer on the other side simultaneously looking back at us through raised binoculars; walking by the famous Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate on the other side of the wall; and the nighttime return train trip through darkened East Germany –  floodlights flashing underneath the train to watch for possible escapees trying to ride the underbelly of the train to the West. Watching “The Wall” come down in 1989 was a joy to behold.  I’ve always wanted to return.

Two years ago our family had the opportunity to visit Prague and were able to make a side trip to Berlin.  I was spellbound by what has happened since reunification – such a vibrant city, in touch with its past and building towards the future.  One of the places to which I returned was the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.  The original church was damaged in a 1943 bombing, and the spire has been left unfinished as a WWII memorial.  The church has a beautiful stained glass window that captivated me with the large expanse of cobalt blue contemporary stained glass. The glass, designed by Gabriel Loire, was inspired by the colors of the glass in Chartres Cathedral.

Since that trip I’ve wanted to create a stained glass quilt inspired by Berlin.  I started by creating this pillow using stack and slash techniques while piecing it together with sashing that was just under 3/4″. While I had always intended on making a bed sized quilt, this was a more time consuming process that I’d planned!  I think I’ll stop at this creation for now.  I’m very pleased at how it came out and love that both sides retain a modern feel.

Berlin Stained Glass Pillow -Front

Berlin Stained Glass Pillow -back


Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Berlin

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Finished and Photographed

I finished this a while ago but only recently got around to photographing it. I’m not sure what I want to title it yet. It features my fascination of creating blocks from random tiny scraps leftover from other projects . It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made! 



Went a little nuts on the free motion quilting!


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Quilting On Message

After QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena, several of us from the San Francisco Francisco Quilt Guild (who also meet on the sidelines as the San Francisco Bee Modern quilt group) were inspired by some of the quilts that addressed social issues. We have formed our own group – but more on that later. I wanted to share some of the work we found inspirational.

The LA Times covered some of these quilts from QuiltCon West in this article.

Of note, some of these:

The One for Eric by Chawne Kimber

The One for Eric by Chawne Kimber

In Chawne’s words:

The improvisational patchwork here is meant to remind one of graffiti scrawled impulsively on a wall in the shadows. Hand-quilting in winding trails of various reds invokes brick and blood.

A quilt in my “elegy” series, this one is for Eric Garner who was killed in a chokehold by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo on July 17, 2014 on Staten Island. His suspected crime was selling loose cigarettes on a street corner. Recorded in a viral video on a smart phone, these were Eric’s last words.

For me, these words are filled with meaning beyond the incident.

Her website Completely Cauchy can be seen here with more of her work.

My Brother’s Jeans Artist Statement

My brothers Jeans by MELISSA AVERINOS

My brothers Jeans by MELISSA AVERINOS

Aftermathe by Jackie Gering , made April 2013 in response to the Boston Marathon Bombing

Aftermath by Jackie Gering

Aftermath by Jacquie Gering


Artist statement from Jacquie Gering:

bang, you’re dead. was made in response to the violence in chicago in 2012, in particular i was thinking of the children that are hurt and killed violently every day. photograph by gregory case photography. this is first in a series of modern message quilts

 Our San Francisco group found new inspiration in these thought provoking artists and are trying to branch out on our own to explore new ideas in our own creative work. Next time I’ll share our first efforts!

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