The Number of Holes

2023, W60″xH60″, Repurposed denim, Machine appliquéd, pieced and quilted. 

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle worldwide and it can easily fire as many as 800 – 1200 RPM depending on the version of the gun, caliber, and trigger.”
– Neckbone Armory: How Fast Can You Fire An Ar-15? Rate Of Fire By Caliber

I draw many ideas for commentary quilts from signs spotted at marches. To date, I have been unable to attribute this image to anyone to give proper credit. This image was spotted on a sign at a March for Our Lives rally. I was floored by the concept and poignancy that was so simply and powerfully communicated. I counted 42 bullet holes on the original sign. In fact checking, I found that in the 10 seconds it takes to read, there are many rifles available in the U.S. that meet and exceed 42+ rounds fired. The top is repurposed black denim from my family. Hand cut, fused and quilted fabric letters with embroidered bullet holes deliver the message.