Quilt Melt

2017, W44″xH57″, Cotton, Combination of machine pieced and hand appliqué and machine quilted.

Scientists agree that the changes in climate that we are seeing are largely caused by human activity, and its is climate change that drives sea level rise. This will continue to have a dramatic effect on coastal cities and communities as we know them today.  In the US alone, 13 million people could be forced to relocate due to rising sea levels by 2100. As a result, cities throughout the country will grapple with new populations. Effects could include more competition for jobs, increased housing prices, and more pressure on infrastructure networks.

Quilt Melt illustrates melting of the ice caps through formal and familiar traditional quilt blocks (current coast areas) contrasted with the unexpected fluidity and change of a surrealist melting appliqué (melting ice caps.)