Save the Date for QUILT San Francisco

San Francisco Quilt Guild Show!

March 22–23, 2019

The SFQG’s 18th biennial show presents more than 300 quilts made by members along with work by featured artists Sujata Shah and the guild’s own Jeanie Low. Special exhibits showcase the Dorcas Quilters on their 80th anniversary, the Millefiore mini group, wearables, and antique and vintage sewing machines plus sewing memorabilia. With more than two dozen vendors, quilt appraisals, an activity corner with crafts for all ages, a market stocked with handmade items, and more, QUILT 2019 is a not-to-be-missed event.

Dates & Times:

Friday March 22, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Saturday March 23, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.


The Event Center in St. Mary’s Cathedral

1111 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA



$15 for a two-day pass

$10 for a 2-day, advance-purchase pass

Entry for children 12 and under is free

Click the icon below to buy tickets online


The 38 Geary bus stops in front of the Cathedral

The 47 and 49 buses stop two blocks east of the Cathedral, on Van Ness Avenue

Plan your trip on public transit with



Japan Center, Main Garage, 1610 Geary Blvd. Fee.

Japan Center, Fillmore Annex, 1650 Fillmore St. Fee

Cathedral lot, enter at 1111 Gough St., limited spaces

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New York Beauty Blocks

I am having so much fun making these blocks from a collection of “my precious” silk – Some which I’ve held onto since almost forever.

Over 30 years ago I bought several yards of teal silk while in Thailand on a round-the-world ticket following my time in Peace Corps Kenya. I always thought I’d make it into something to wear. The yellow, red and orange silk were recently gifted from a Bee Modern SF buddy – a neighbor clearing out his mom’s house had yards and yards of silk to give away and it was shared with our group. And the pink was just given to me in a large box of fabric from a friend this fall. I’d bought a few fat quarters over the years waiting for inspiration. Well I FOUND IT and have had so much fun creating these blocks! I have about five more to make to finish what will be a wall hanging to go over our fireplace (28”x28”).


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New Tutorial – Bar Blocks

I have created a new tutorial “how to” on a fast and easy process to crank out these bar blocks. Check it out here.

Color bar blocks


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Made it into QuiltCon 2019!

I’m excited that my “Shirt Off His Back” Quilt was accepted into the Modern Quilt Guild’s “QuiltCon 2019” show in Nashville,TN. It’s the first time an entry of mine has made it into QuiltCon (1 out of 10 quilts I’ve submitted to this show over the past 3 years.) I don’t think I’ll be able to swing attending in February, but am grateful to have finally made it in. If at first you don’t succeed…and all that. 
Artist’s Statement:
“My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to only use quilt materials that I had on hand. My architect husband (with very good taste) used the holiday for some closet-cleaning and I nabbed this collection for myself. First attempts to machine quilt this giant were abandoned and I decided to hand-quilt it using perle cotton. Many hours, days and weeks later, it is our new family treasure. And I kept my New Year’s Resolution!”
#quiltcon #quiltcon2019 #mqg #modernquiltguild 


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Scrap Mania

Keeping to my resolution in 2018 to sew with what I have, recycle where possible, finish WIPs or planned projects – but not to buy new fabric! – I’ve been plowing through my Kona Cotton stash and making these color bar blocks. “Making things to make things” as I told my husband. I’m not sure what I’ll do next but it’s a fun mindless task to create these – and I’ve used up a lot of my stash. Next up I’ll make a set of neutrals (whites, grey, beige and black) before I start creating something (probably many things) from all these strips.

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American Patriot: Words Matter


 I am an American Patriot. Following service in the Peace Corps, I emerged passionate about our valuable American rights and freedoms. I witnessed first-hand the oppression of a people without freedom of speech or a free press; of an unchallenged president in a one-party state; of corrupt elections. The women I worked with were limited in personal and economic freedom and had little control over their bodies or lives. This quilt was inspired by these experiences as well as signs exhibited at the peaceful marches in which I’ve participated since 2016. Made from my family’s jeans and recycled clothing

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Pacific International Quilt Festival 2018

I’m happy to share that these two quilts will be showing at PIQF next month!


This was inspired by the very loud and colorful wild parrot flock that are often spotted within San Francisco. I am amazed that these escaped family pets have rediscovered their wild roots in our urban landscape.


My inspiration for this quilt is my delightful son, who is a college physics major. He enthusiastically shares all that he is learning upon his visits home – including trying to help me understand the basics of physics, and in this case, protons: a positively charged particle that resides within the atomic nucleus.

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