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June 17, 2017 · 10:41 pm

Been awhile…

Wow – four months since my last blog post! It’s been a busy time, new job with long hours, college apps and decisions for my youngest, weekends of protest marches and letter writing…and not as much quilting or creative activity as I usually have going on!

We also hosted an exchange student, Sol, from Paraguay thanks to Amigos de las Americas! So fun to have her with us!

And finally – college decision time! She is UCLA bound – Go Bruins!

Still finishing many “lasts” during May – last dance performances with her dance teacher mentor of 15 years, and with high school dance program (Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts) still to come. And graduation!

Next post – the things that I have managed to make!

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I made this giant top about two years ago. The colored blocks are made from the leftover squares I’d cut to create a pixel quilt (from a photo of my daughter, Adrienne, dancing on the beach at sunset – below). The small blocks are variations on 9-patch and look like little flags to me. My sister in law loved it and I promised to finish it for her and my brother. A year later I am still finishing it…

I love how this turned out and will be glad that it will have a good home soon!




IMG_4075 - Version 2

Update: Flags finally gifted to the Woodruffs July 2017!

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Wedding Quilt!

Top is done! So excited to finish this for a special young couple who recently tied the knot. Would you believe – I had all this fabric on hand in my stash? Love that black and white!

Wedding Quilt for a special arty young couple

Wedding Quilt for a special arty young couple


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It’s a Girl?

A group within our Bee Modern San Francisco quilt group are exploring the creation of social issue quilts. Not knowing where to begin for our first attempt, we agreed to use “women” as a first theme for us each to explore. The only parameter was to make it 36″ square.

I discussed the concept with my daughter who came up with the idea of creating a quilt using the female chromosome kareotype. We wanted it to be scientifically correct and searched on the web and found this image for the pattern.


The result was this quilt which I titled “Its a Girl!”


This was posted on Facebook by a member of our group. Two sharp eyed people noted something was wrong – there are 24 pairs here and humans only have 23. I couldn’t figure out how we got it so wrong! This week one friend researched it and said he thinks our image was of a female – CHIMPANZEE. Oh well…Haven’t decided whether to redo it. Here are what the other creations our group made.

Joan- on human trafficking and sexual slavery

Joan- on human trafficking and sexual slavery

Holly's-on abortion rights and safe access to women's health

Holly’s-on abortion rights and safe access to women’s health

Diane's -supporting girls in math and science

Diane’s -supporting girls in math and science







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Green Scrappy Quilts



This is from my wall of green scrappy “made fabric” from a few months ago. This was the ongoing -and apparently unending- task of trying to use up all my scraps for a useful purpose. I got pretty far on using a large portion of green tiny bits and came up with the idea to make a traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern as a companion piece to the star below, which I made last year. I like the contrast of the orderly traditional block pattern with the chaos of the green scrappy made-fabric. Both are around 36-42″ square.



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Julian’s Jeans

Quilt in progress made from the outgrown jeans of my son.

Quilt in progress made from the outgrown jeans and pants of my son.

Inspired by the tiny log cabin strip piecing of Completely Cauchy, I woke up a few weeks ago to start on this. While not the beautiful silk fabrics she uses, I challenged myself to make this from the vast cache of old denim I have on hand. Each of the strips in the center are cut at 1″, and finish at 1/2″.  This is about 40″+ square so far and I hope to grow it to a twin sized quilt. I’m not sure how I will quilt it – It’s very heavy so far!

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