I haven’t been posting much here as I share my quilt and sewing work regularly and often on Instagram (@quiltinginthefog). Here are some of my latest art quilts:

Textile Intarsia

This piece (18” x 18””) was juried into the ArtSpan 2021 Juried Benefit Auction held on April 24th. It was a miniature version of my “Mosaic Improv” (54” x 54”) quilt that was part of the de Young Museum Open juried exhibition last fall.


Swirl (45”x56”)

Swirl is a quilt I started years ago from leftover pieces of quilts gifted to others. The variegated pieces and wonky cuts made the resulting piece warped and uneven. I tried to “quilt it it flat” but did it badly and, well, it just looked awful and was not at all what I’d imagined in my head. I put it away for years and every once in a while would pull it out to lament what I’d hoped would be a treasure. I loved the colors and the shape, and decided it was time to try again and to go for it. I spent hours (days?) picking out all the dense quilting stitches to free the top. I thought there might be a way to salvage it if I added more pieces to surround the original and then stretch it on my new-to-me old longarm machine to densely quilt it flat. It worked! I can’t stop looking at it. I learned that a seam ripper can be your friend if you have some Netflix to stream. I was also reminded how much fun I have with make-it-up-as-you-go improvisational quilting.

Which led me to…


Wildfire (36”x36”)
Wildfire detail

In working towards creating a cohesive body of thematic work, I made this piece to hang as part of a triptych. Each is 36” square.