Half Square Triangles Class Resource Page

RESOURCE PAGE FOR HALF SQUARE TRIANGLE (HST) CLASS Congratulations on making your first Half Square Triangle unit!  You can use these to make an almost infinite number of patterns, layouts and designs for quilts. If you have questions, feel free to  email me at lorraine@quiltinginthefog.com. As promised, this page includes what I shared or mentioned in class, and some other ideas and links related to HSTs.

How to make different sized HSTs 4 at a time.

    • I included it in the handout, but forgot to mention that if you want to make HSTs at a time, you can start by cutting your starting block larger or smaller than the 5.5″ that I shared in class.
      • NOTE: If sewing the 1/4″ seam is a challenge, you might consider starting with a slightly larger Cut Square Size to begin with for your two starting fabrics, and then once you sew around the edge and cut it into quarters, use an acrylic ruler to precisely cut the HSTs to the size you want. I recommend considering starting with a slightly larger block as it is often hard to make LOTS of these with perfect precision!
      • Alternately, from the 5.5″ blocks used in class, you can trim down your resulting 4 HST blocks to  a smaller size – maybe make them 3″ so you can trim it around all four sides. Remember that if you cut it down to 3″, once you sew it together with the other blocks it with “finish” at 2.5″ (1/4″ plus 1/4″ equals 1/2″ smaller for your finished sewn together block.) 

OTHER LINKS TO CHECK OUT There are TONS of tutorials and ideas out there on how to use your HSTs – Google  “HST” or “Half Square Triangle” -blocks, -quilts, -patterns or look up #HSTquilt on Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll see tons of ideas.   If you are REALLY ambitious and want to make 8 HSTs at a time, here is a tutorial.