Color Bars Class Resource Page


Congratulations on making your first Color Bar! You can use these as the starting point to make baby, throw and bed quilts, and arrange in infinite ways!  From the class:

Below are some of my own Color Bar Block quilts:


This is my FAVORITE quilt that I most love to have on my bed at home.  I never tire of looking at it.  As you can see I used ALL the colors. It’s a generous Queen size. I used Kona Cotton Solids that I had on hand from other project (oh, TBH, I’m sure I purchased some to fill in colors.)

Another favorite is the Fruit & Veggies quilt made from solids and various fruit and vegetable prints. I made one as a baby gift and have this one on hand as a likely future gift for someone.

Fruit & Veggie Bar Quilt
Fruit & Veggie Detail


Once, while creatively stuck, I pulled out my solid fabric stash and started making Bar Blocks in all the colors I had on hand. As you can see, I made a lot, and put them aside for awhile.  Since then I often bring them out and piece together in various ways to make baby and gift quilts, and in other projects.

I’ve used these already make pieces to make other quilts – and have many on hand still!

Water color bars

This technique is also fun to use with other types of fabrics. I’ve used it several times with quilts made from repurposed fabrics (denim and men’s shirting):

The edges of this quilt made from my son’s outgrown jeans and pants one growth spurt year:

And more denim and shirting:


You can also make your blocks and use them for other things – I made a tea cozy from leftover scraps:


I cut up some neutral color bar blocks into small pieces and resewed them to make these pillows:


Share your Scrappy Color Bar Blocks with me at or post on Instagram at tag me at @quiltinginthefog.

I can’t wait to see what you do with it!