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I’ve had this beautiful panel of a Japanese print hanging around for a while and finally sat down to tackle the “one block wonder” technique. I’m happy with how it turned out but have no idea what to do with it. I only wish I had more of this fabric as it’s a weird size that it’s not useful for much. Ideas? #oneblockwonder

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June 9, 2018 · 4:25 pm

QuiltCon 2018

I was fortunate to be able to drive to and from Pasadena for my second QuiltCon (the first was in 2016) with my Bee Modern San Francisco Quilt buddies. In addition to seeing fabulous quilts and taking fantastic classes I was able to visit my daughter at UCLA. A bonus was seeing her dance at halftime the UCLA Women’s Basketball game and spending a mom-daughter day at LA museums and restaurants.

There is so much visual and creative stimulation at this show it’s impossible to absorb it all. Here are just a few of the quilts that spoke to me:


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March for Women 2018 San Francisco


My cherished friends – the Miraloma* Moms. * We all met when our kids were in kindergarten at Miraloma Elementary School/SFUSD. Kids are now in college – but we still carry on together!


My VOTE door sign quilt came in handy to double as my sign. Here we are at the end of the march at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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Happy New Year 2018!

Like a lot of folks, I seem to be focusing more on using Instagram to document my work these days (follow me on Instagram @quiltinginthefog).  It’s so EASY to post photos, tag, etc.

2017 was an eventful year:  My oldest is midway through college.  My youngest child graduated from high school and started college. My husband and I now face our first months as empty nesters.  I am grateful for our health and good fortune and for our family and friends near and and far. My quilting hours are usually spent listening to a political podcast or an audiobook – most recently 36 hours with Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

For those of us in very “blue” San Francisco and California, each morning we awoke to anxiety over the national news.  I must admit, it’s exhausting but I am obsessed with the news.  Always an active voter and one that pays attention to the issues, I’m invigorated and hopeful seeing the increased progressive activism bubbling up around the country. I plan to use personal and vacation time this year to work towards the successful election of candidates and issues that matter to me – especially beyond my backyard. I’m donating to candidates in other states (including a college friend running in Texas!) and to help target Congress members in California that I believe are hiring Californians and Americans.

2017 was quite productive as far as quilting and sewing goes!  I finished quite a few quilts,  pillows and other sewing projects, mostly leather zipper pouches.  More than I realized, now that I look at some of them!

Happy 2018!

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I made this colorful center medallion ages ago while playing with very small leftover scraps from two other quilts I had gifted to others. I liked it so much but kept putting off making anything with it as it felt too precious and I was waiting for just the right idea. I decided to just DO SOMETHING and, while exercising during a dance class* it came to me to plunge into the deep turquoise and then created this. I submitted it to QuiltCon 2018 (alas, it was a #QuiltConReject!) but I love it anyway!

*my best ideas come during my YMCA Zumba Class!


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Quilt Melt

Woot! I’m very excited to have won 1st Place for Visual Impact for “Quilt Melt” in the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) 2017!



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College Kid Quilts

This fall, I have both kids away at college – my daughter, a freshman in her first dorm at UCLA, and my son, in his first house as a junior at University of Puget Sound. Both will have new quilts for their rooms!


Adrienne's College Quilt

Adrienne’s College Quilt


Julian's College Quilt

Julian’s College Quilt

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Be Positive (Proton)

Started in June, this was my first entirely hand quilted quilt. Made from scraps leftover from our new queen-sized bed quilt, I had fun whipping it together, but it took months to quilt (and a lot of binge watching TV!) I love the look, but think next time if I’m going to do all that work I should use thread that makes sure you can see it! I originally called it “Be Positive” but renamed it “Proton” in honor of my son who is a physics major in college.

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Woodruff and Long Cousins

One of my first quilting attempts about 5 years ago from a photo much older than that. The picture is of my kids (the two little ones) with my brother’s boys on a family trip to Lake Tahoe. I loved creating the shapes of their little bodies, clothing and hair. The two middle boys are now well over 6 feet tall and both taller than the oldest on the left. And my daughter is now a tall beauty herself! I gave this to my mom, the “Gran Gran” and “DooDa” of all four kids.

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Puppy Portraits!

Posting some things I made a while back in 2012  as gifts for family and friends. Everyone loves a portrait of their dog!

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