I am a working mom of two terrific young adults and the wife of 27 years to one wonderful guy. By day I am a San Francisco nonprofit development director. At night and on weekends, I’m usually found obsessively sewing and creating  in my “studio” (um, well, that would be my garage.) I recently became a San Francisco CASA Volunteer for foster youth. 

I’ve been sewing all my life, but only started quilting seriously in 2012. I favor “modern” and improv art quilting but like experimenting with traditional blocks and techniques.  I enjoy making it up as I go along in piecing and quilting.  I am a member of the Modern Quilt Guild and the San Francisco Quilters Guild (with a special shout out to our own Bee Modern Quilts of San Francisco group!) I post regularly on Instagram at @quiltinginthefog.




Mi Familia –  San Francisco, California


About Sparky

In memory of our beloved family Mini-Schnauzer pup



5 responses to “About

  1. Love your work! I am especially enthralled by ‘Quilt Melt’. I’m assuming that it’s your own creation and not from any pattern? So striking!


  2. Dan Gremminger

    Love your work so very much. A lot of your old buddies here in Texas are following your amazing artistic output. Keep it up. Sending you much love, Sweet Friend.


  3. Holy crap! I’m glad I stumbled upon your little place in the blogosphere. You’re not a quilter, you are an ARTIST! Yowza! Is it weird that I started looking at quilt blogs, stumbled upon your bio, and thought, “Oh, she looks like a nice gal – Then I saw your work and my jaw hit the floor! Amazing – Glad I found you!

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