I am a working mom of two terrific young adults and the wife of 27 years to one wonderful guy. By day I am a San Francisco nonprofit development director. At night and on weekends, I’m usually found obsessively sewing and creating  in my “studio” (um, well, that would be my garage.) I recently became a San Francisco CASA Volunteer for foster youth. 

I’ve been sewing all my life, but only started quilting seriously in 2012. I favor “modern” and improv art quilting but like experimenting with traditional blocks and techniques.  I enjoy making it up as I go along in piecing and quilting.  I am a member of the Modern Quilt Guild and the San Francisco Quilters Guild (with a special shout out to our own Bee Modern Quilts of San Francisco group!) I post regularly on Instagram at @quiltinginthefog.




Mi Familia –  San Francisco, California


About Sparky

In memory of our beloved family Mini-Schnauzer pup



7 responses to “About

  1. Jeanie Low

    Wow! Your work is amazing. You’re an artist.


  2. Beautiful work! Hundertwasser to use and wear. Thanks to John for this amazing tip.


  3. Love your work! I am especially enthralled by ‘Quilt Melt’. I’m assuming that it’s your own creation and not from any pattern? So striking!


  4. Dan Gremminger

    Love your work so very much. A lot of your old buddies here in Texas are following your amazing artistic output. Keep it up. Sending you much love, Sweet Friend.


  5. Holy crap! I’m glad I stumbled upon your little place in the blogosphere. You’re not a quilter, you are an ARTIST! Yowza! Is it weird that I started looking at quilt blogs, stumbled upon your bio, and thought, “Oh, she looks like a nice gal – Then I saw your work and my jaw hit the floor! Amazing – Glad I found you!

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