Made it into QuiltCon 2019!

I’m excited that my “Shirt Off His Back” Quilt was accepted into the Modern Quilt Guild’s “QuiltCon 2019” show in Nashville,TN. It’s the first time an entry of mine has made it into QuiltCon (1 out of 10 quilts I’ve submitted to this show over the past 3 years.) I don’t think I’ll be able to swing attending in February, but am grateful to have finally made it in. If at first you don’t succeed…and all that. 
Artist’s Statement:
“My 2018 New Year’s Resolution was to only use quilt materials that I had on hand. My architect husband (with very good taste) used the holiday for some closet-cleaning and I nabbed this collection for myself. First attempts to machine quilt this giant were abandoned and I decided to hand-quilt it using perle cotton. Many hours, days and weeks later, it is our new family treasure. And I kept my New Year’s Resolution!”
#quiltcon #quiltcon2019 #mqg #modernquiltguild 


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