15 responses to “I’m with her

  1. karen Kijinski

    Love it, will have to give it a try!


  2. This is wonderful! Is there any chance you’re going to sell the pattern or make it available otherwise? I MUST make this!


    • I just played with it and made it up. It’s mostly a nine patch with a few half square triangles to make the arrow. I just played around to get it. No pattern – guess I should try for that!


      • May I ask the overall dimensions? Is it a 10″ block? If so, I think I can figure out the math. Thanks for this–I’m going to have fun with it.


      • The point of the arrow is a quarter square triangle, right?


      • Linda,
        The red point of the arrow is actually more flying geese (flying goose if singular?) I had to fidget with it a bit to make it line up perfectly with the half square triangles that were red in the blue. I made it bigger, then cut it down to make the seams match. I may try to make a tutorial… you are inspiring me!


      • Lorraine, I think there are thousands of quilters who’ll be looking for a block like this to document this historic event. A tutorial would be very popular.

        I made two blocks today and am so happy with them. Mine are 10″, and I used a QST for the arrow point.

        Thanks again for the inspiration!


      • Oh, and it’s about a 12 inch block finished.


  3. lynndykstra

    Making one of my own!


  4. Christine Brown

    Love your Hillary quilt. May I have your permission to use it as my FB profile pic? Thanks…

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  5. This is beautiful – fantastic piecing and quilting!


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