Sara’s Quilted Samosa

I love making a handmade gift – in this case for a 50th birthday surprise dinner for my friend Sara (who is my birthday buddy – we share the same date!)  We are both lucky to have a wonderful group of friends, some of whom  got together for dinner tonight to surprise Sara. Happy Birthday, girl!

Sara's Samosa bag

Sara’s Samosa bag

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful group of long-time women friends here in  San Francisco. We all met when our kids were in kindergarten at Miraloma Elementary. That public school was so much more that I’d ever anticipated for my kids, but the added bonus was the wonderful parent friendships we all made. The first of us have older kids now leaving for college and the rest of us have teens at the end of their high school years. Friendship is forever – I love y’all!


Miraloma Moms!

Quilted Samosa Bag

Quilted Samosa Bag

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